The Morning After Wisconsin.

Well.  It’s barely Prosser, and we’re off to the recount.  You’re going to see the phrase  ‘margin of fraud’ a lot this morning; while this is a valid concern, the bright side to that is that with a Republican governor AND Republican legislature – neither of which is particularly inclined to be trusting – Wisconsin Democrats will find it harder to play the same games that their compatriots may-or-may-not-have-played in either Washington State or Minnesota.  Seriously, having Republicans in charge of the oversight hearings will be a big help in keeping down shenanigans; we had neither in the Rossi / Coleman affairs, and in my opinion it had an effect.

Even brighter side?  Maybe Secretary of State Doug La Follette* will muck up things enough to justify a recall election.  Retiring that particular well-meaning political dynasty from the American political scene would frankly be a mitzvah.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I’m sure that the labor unions are even now declaring moral victory and hoping for an actual one.  Let me note this real quick: the goal wasn’t for them to win, precisely.  The goal was to make us afraid of their power.  It didn’t quite work.

*This is why you don’t neglect the state-level elections, by the way.  And why you default to voting a straight party ticket.