Garry South. Democratic consultant. Hates cancer victims, apparently.

I think that this is a fair assessment to make.  You see, in his haste to drum up some new clients (Garry South is head of the Garry South Group, a Californian Democratic political group*) by banging the drum that is We Hates Us The Koch Brothers, Yes We Do, South wrote for the Politico:

Why don’t [the Koch Brothers] spend their money building libraries, like Andrew Carnegie did, or endowing the country with national parks, like the Rockefellers did?

Partially because they’ve spent at least $215,000,000 on cancer research? I mean, don’t get me wrong: libraries and national parks are great.  But we have a bunch of those already: I’m going to guess that if you were to ask someone with even an average amount of moral sense they’d probably agree that funding research into ways to stop people from slowing dying in agony from terrifying and literally malignant diseases might be actually a meritorious act benefiting both the Republic, and humanity in general.  Even if the people funding the research are inexplicably not likely to throw their money the way, of say, Garry South.

I’d also like to note in passing that it’s odd that the Politico is soliciting opinions from somebody this woefully uninformed.  Were the usual participants ill, or something?

Moe Lane

PS: $100,000,000 for theater$35,000,000 for scientific education.  I could go on: $600,000,000 all told, it seems. And before anybody asks, to the best of my knowledge I’m not seeing a dime of it directly.  I just indirectly benefit from all this philanthropy – just like Garry South does!

Only I don’t resent it.

*Lately best-known for such successful endeavors as Gavin Newsom for Governor, and Joe Lieberman for President. He was also involved in the successful infliction Gray Davis on California, but bringing that up almost seems, well, mean.