*Marvel* at the civility of Big Labor minions.

Marvel at it (NSFW*)  The targets of this, well, bile would be one Ann Althouse and her husband Meade; the former is a blogger of some note, and the latter is the person who has been spending the last few weeks videotaping all those goofball kids in Madison protesting for the right to keep union leadership cadres fat and happy.  Apparently getting caught defacing war memorials grates on some…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I know that the first link leads to something that those unfamiliar with the paranoid style of the American Left (Campus Useless Degree edition) might find over-the-top, if you use that as another way of saying “Barking mad insane and ready to snap like an dried-out rubber band.”  But I’ve been reading Ann for years; more importantly, I’ve been reading unhinged rants like that for years.  It certainly sounds like something one of those people would write…

*Fortunately, it’s even money that neither was the wannabe hipster** who wrote it.

**I mean, if you’re going to be a hipster, you gotta go bicoastal.  Madison?  Madison isn’t even B-List.