Scott Fitzgerald auditions for WI-SEN in 2012.

…At least, that’s how I’m interpreting this letter from the Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader to (hiding) Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, in response to Miller’s request for a face-to-face meeting to discuss a possible compromise that would allow Wisconsin senators to came back home with something roughly approximating their dignity intact.  Fitzgerald’s letter starts as follows:

Sen. Mark Miller
Parts Unknown, IL

…and pretty much continues in that vein for six paragraphs’ worth of what has to be one of the better official political letters that I have read, and I unfortunately have to read a lot of these.  Read it for yourself: it’s a treat.  Then again, any official document where the words and phrases ‘bizarre,’ “We all deserve better than this,” and “I hope you are enjoying your vacation, and your vacation from reality” usually is.

Couple this with Governor Scott Walker’s response – short version: No; slightly longer version: Heck, no* – and you might be forgiven for thinking that the Wisconsin GOP is not going to back down on this issue…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*With a dollop of implied “We’re talking to Senate Democrats that aren’t you, you know.”