QotD, Senator Ma'am edition.

Dinging Senator Barbara Boxer for saying something stupid is cruel.  And vicious.  And viciously cruel; and it’s all because it’s far too easy to do.  I am being lazy by highlighting her flustered response to Senators Barasso’s and Inhofe’s cheerful Hey, you guys have been claiming eco-Apocalypses for forty years now; only back then it was global cooling that was going to kill us all.  Oh, and look!  Obama’s science advisor John Holdren was one of them!

Her response was a thing of Boxer:


“…there were scientists that did call for the Ice Age…”

Watch the whole video, particularly the parts where Democratic Senators scurried around trying to obscure the inconvenient truth that while the tune of DOOM has continued unabated throughout my lifetime, the actual words keep changing to fit the latest academic fad.  Hot Air has more, including this link to Zombietime’s indispensable commentary on Holdren’s shifting attitudes on global warming/cooling/whatever; I’ll just note that this isn’t the only controversial thing that the guy’s ever said, which isn’t actually germane to the conversation but probably is why you’re feeling a bit of mild revulsion about seeing John Holdren’s name right now*.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*And that, folks, is how you sneak in a proper ad hominem argument.

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