Tancredo whines about GOP unity.

Ah, what a difference an election makes.  Back in October, Tom Tancredo mocking the GOP:

“What’s the point? I mean, if I can be more effective as governor, if the Republicans in the legislature are going to have their feelings hurt or whatever, then I’ll consider it. But really what’s the purpose? What do I need from [GOP Chairman] Dick Wadhams? Why would I argue anymore with the head of what might soon be a minor party?

This November, Tancredo is ready to start the healing. He’s even ready to join back up:

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) wants moderate Republicans and conservatives in Colorado to meet so they can come together to prevent divides that could lead to election losses.

Funny, we have something like that already: it’s called a ‘Republican primary,’ and if Tancredo wants to participate in our next one, he’s welcome to.  Admittedly, if he had in the last one Tancredo would have actually had to do real work if he wanted to get the nomination (instead of trying to play white knight), but life is full of these little road bumps.  Such as dealing with all those aggravated Republicans out there who are annoyed with Tancredo for almost mucking up the Colorado GOP for the next election cycle and certainly* getting Michael Bennet re-elected.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Although ‘credit’ for that needs to be shared with the RGA.  Whom I love to death, but they dropped the ball.  And yes, I do recognize that they were already doing above and beyond the call of duty by compensating for the way that the RNC dropped the ball on GOTV drives.

And yes, I also recognize that we had a lot of people arguing for support of Tancredo over the Republican nominee.  I wasn’t one of them.