Pornoscan Congress!

(Via Hot Air Headlines) Ann Coulter is not precisely on my Christmas list – and, in the highly unlikely possibility she knows my name, I would not be on hers – but she makes a darn good suggestion here: if we’re going to randomly pornoscan and/or strip-search fliers then we should blipping well do the same to Members of Congress and their staff when they try to enter Federal buildings.  What’s that you say? They’re not likely to be suicide terrorists?

Funny about that: NEITHER AM I.  And these people work for me.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I understand that it is quite the fashion for various Left-pundits to make sycophantic statements about how they quite enjoy being told to turn their head and cough at the directive of a bored TSA drone who changes his gloves at least four times a day; and how the Right is being absurd for objecting to such things.  These are also the people who routinely put out articles wondering why the Democratic party feels comfortable with regularly slamming progressives to the ground and taking their lunch money – and all the while never considering that the one may be relevant to the other.