LA-02 Democratic primary turns ugly.

It’s a real rooting for injuries kind of situation. On the one hand, you have DCCC minion (and state representative) Cedric Richmond, who apparently goes to bars and tries to push people around using his elevated status as a… state representative:

…and then you have state representative Juan LaFonta, who is allegedly using a group called Louisiana TruthPAC (the group that produced the above video) to slam Richmond with videos like the above and somewhat… odd… comic book-style attack websites like this one. And then you’ve got Eugene Green, who was Dollar Bill Jefferson’s* former chief of staff. Which means that he’s just as likely to have set up this site to mutually assure the destruction of the two candidates standing between him and the primary win. It is, as they say, an absolute mess down there: arrogant stalking horse vs. would-be character assassin vs. guy who probably gave Jefferson the tin foil that Jefferson wrapped his dirty bribe money with. None of them are really worth the time and trouble, are they?

Which is why you need to go and vote for the Republican, Rep. Joseph Cao.

It’s important.

*…in his freezer.

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