Somebody's hitcount must be down again...

…because FITS News is trying to inject himself* back into the narrative again by endorsing Nikki Haley, the woman who he lied about having an affair with.  That’s a safe link to Stacy McCain’s site; I’m not inclined to reward exhibitionists.  Which is also why I’m not fronting this post.

But if I can offer a piece of advice?  On a purely technical note, what’s happened here with regional blogger Will Folks is that he recently discovered that if he voluntarily wired his genitals into a light socket and flicked the switch, it can sometimes produce a certain amount of, ah, renewed vigor.  And that’s clearly all very gratifying to a certain type, and all that – but if done it too many times, not only will the vigor not return; one ends up with genitals that have the same color, consistency, and indeed chemical structure of burnt-out charcoal.  Not that it stops the sufferer from continuing to flick the on switch, of course.

It’s too late for Folks, but people wishing to avoid his fate should take heed.

Moe Lane

*Normally I’d say ‘re-inject,’ but let’s just say… no.  That’s far too crude an observation for either one of my sites.

PS: One of my peers over at Hot Air summed it up perfectly in their Headlines feature.  It’s so nice to see a[n] expert at work.

PPS: And another of them, over at AoSHQ.  Folks seems to have developed quite a negative reputation among major league Right-bloggers.

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