DNC *still* advertising for astroturfers.

No, really: check out the job description.

Email campaigners are responsible for planning, writing, and executing grassroots campaigns to advance the President’s agenda for change.

Back in December when Ben Smith reported on this the first time, the DNC’s response was “Your in-box isn’t going to fill itself.” Which is a very unintentionally revealing statement, given that it essentially concedes that the DNC assumes that there’s no such thing as a spontaneous popular movement. After all, if they don’t exist on the Left – and if they existed, the DNC wouldn’t be advertising for people to create them – then they don’t exist anywhere. This probably explains their more nonsensical statements about Tea Parties: the idea of a legitimate populist, grassroots-driven movement is as alien to them as a reactionless drive would be to a modern physicist.

At any rate, they’ve been advertising for this position for a while; presumably the latest plea for astroturfers just ended up in Andrew Malcolm’s mailbox.  While his comment on pay may not be accurate (the first link above does give a salary number of ‘Below $75,000,’ which may be just a search category, and not a hard number or range), this part is dead-on:

…although it’s supposedly all online work, you must be willing to relocate to Washington because, well, that’s the place whose harsh political tone Obama promised to change.

One artificial grassroots campaign at a time.

Moe Lane

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