Crist, will Greene Sink Meek?

Prior to everything else: Rubio.

I had originally titled this as “Democrats get their own Orange Guy in Florida,” but it isn’t fair to hold the tint control in Jeff Greene’s introductory video against him*.  Greene is the Big Meanie who has just swooped into the Florida race to ruin Rep. Kendrick Meek’s and Senator Robert Menendez’s day; he’s got no real qualifications except having money, but he apparently makes up for that by having a lot of money.  Enough money, in fact, that he’s telling people not to give more than $100 apiece: that translates to “I’m going to self-fund this windmill tilt.”

And that means, yeah, he doesn’t have a chance of getting the nomination.  Not to be unnecessarily blunt about it, but the Democrats are not going to abandon their only African-American major candidate for Senator, and no matter that Meek was a sacrificial lamb in the first place; he’s their sacrificial lamb, darn it, and there are limits.  Also, the fact that Greene so helpfully has used his own introductory video to give us an idea of what line of underhanded personal attacks to use against him in the primary** tells us that said attacks will be able to mine a rich vein of material.  So I don’t expect this guy to win.  But I expect that he’ll make the Democrats pay for that win.

Through the nose***.

Moe Lane

PS: Just to address one minor point of Greene’s: while Marco Rubio has been running for this office since 2009, he started up with that after he left his state elected position.  Ach, well: we know that Democratic politicians lie.

*That’s to Jim Geraghty’s post, not to Greene’s website: if I won’t give Mickey Kaus free traffic while he’s running for office as a Democrat, I certainly won’t do it for this guy.

**To any Democratic operatives reading this: it starts in at 5:35 on the YouTube video, guys.  There.  Don’t say that the VRWC never did anything for you.

***Meanwhile, in a single day we went from a contentious primary season to an extraordinarily quiet one, with a consensus candidate and a local party structure now motivated to provide some sweet, sweet political revenge.

Go figure.

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