A fitting memorial for Sen. Ted Kennedy.

One that I can think that we can all get behind:

The first U.S. offshore wind farm, a giant project 5 miles/8 km off the Massachusetts coast, was approved on Wednesday after years of opposition involving everyone from local Indian tribes to the Kennedy family.

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar gave the green light for the 130-turbine, 420-megawatt Cape Wind project in Horseshoe Shoal, Nantucket Sound, in what supporters considered a huge step forward for renewable energy in the United States.

“This project fits with the tradition of sustainable development in the area,” Salazar said in Boston.

What it didn’t do was fit with the tradition in the area of treating every whim of the Kennedy clan as a signed directive from God, but that deference died with Teddy.  So enjoy the view, ye remaining scions of Hyannis Port! – and if the image on the horizon appears at times to resemble that of the Hawaiian Good Luck Symbol, well, take it as a reminder that not even a Kennedy can stop the march of Progress forever.

Especially not the current crop of them.  And people wonder why Americans don’t trust dynastic thinking…

Moe Lane

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