Health Care? *Ahem.* I told you so.

Good news!  We don’t actually live in a Matrix-style computer simulation of the world.  How do I know this?  Simple:

If we did live in a Matrix-style computer civilization then this news report, summarized by Gateway Pundit as:

Medical costs will skyrocket rising $389 billion 10 years. 14 million will lose employer-based coverage. Millions will be left without insurance. And millions more will be may be dumped into the already overwhelmed Medicaid system. 4 million American families will be hit with tax penalties under this new law.

…would have the Democrats frantically scrabbling for the menu screen in order to reload the simulation at a previous save point.  But this is the real world.  There are no takebacks.  There are no mulligans.  There is no blue pill.  There’s just people like me and Jim Hoft and Jim Geraghty, and we’re grinning at the thought of November.

Oh, the fun we will have…

Moe Lane

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