Alexi Giannoulias' (D CAND, IL-SEN) Broadway Bank closing?

So it would seem:

The bank is open now — but the worker says they’ve been told at close of business “that’s it.”

Black curtains have been put up today. You can’t see in.

The Giannoulias campaign says the curtains are to “block the sun”, although the sky is overcast and rain is predicted all weekend.

(Via Capitol Fax Blog) Although you have to wonder whether they meant ‘block the sunlight,’ what with it being the best sort of disinfectant, and everything.  But the big question is: what will Chicago’s pimps and bookies do with one less financial institution that’s sympathetic to their unique business needs?

Moe Lane

PS: Mark Kirk for SenateGetting business done for Illinois; not giving Illinois the business.

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