Media pushed back from DADT protest.

Regardless of your opinion of DADT, what you’re about to watch is… not even remotely surprising, really.

The media was pushed back from Lafayette Park to keep them from filming a protest against DADT: true. But it could have been anything. DADT, the GWOT, rampaging deficits, ballooning unemployment, religious fundamentalism masquerading as global warming, the general expansion of the nanny state… it doesn’t matter. The White House didn’t want it filmed, so it didn’t get filmed. And the media got caught up in the implacable bum’s rush away from the scene of the dissent. I really loved the bit about halfway through, when some generic media guy complains on his phone: “It’s one thing if they push the public back, but not to let the media film is just ridiculous.” No, it’s not. It makes perfect sense, considering that the administration neither respects the media on a fundamental level, nor expects the media to ever do anything in response to slights.

And, really: is the Obama administration wrong? How can anyone who lacks self-respect expect others to respect him?

Moe Lane