So, that 'Crash the Tea Party' thing was a bust.

Told ya so. Michelle Malkin has some photos of the fizzle, which should have been obvious to anybody who has been paying attention to the way that the luster of the Left’s vaunted ‘activism’ completely dims when compared to an actual populist movement**. How bad was this fizzle, in fact?

This bad:

Brooks Alexander, a 23-year-old Olney, Md., hotel worker and Obama supporter who wore an Obama t-shirt to the evening rally, said infiltrators were being disrespectful.

“They’re doing a disservice not only to themselves, but to the people who are here trying to express their views,” said Alexander, who is African American and said he traveled to the rally to verify for himself liberal accounts blasting the tea party as racist.

“All my friends told me I was crazy to come down here in an Obama shirt,” he said. “Obviously I have political disagreements [with the tea party], but I cannot lie. I cannot say that people have been anything but nice to me. They have been shaking my hand. One guy told me I had a lot of [guts] for coming down here. I will definitely walk away from this with a new understanding of the tea party.”

You see, it’s not that the Politico found somebody who could relate a nice anecdote about the Tea Parties. I’m sure that there were Obama supporters in the crowd who were treated nicely; and that there were Obama supporters who were treated rudely, and even some who were treated rudely unfairly. You can always find somebody who can give you the anecdote that you need. What’s interesting is that the Politico felt the need for an anecdote that was complimentary to the Tea Parties.

Moe Lane

*Classical reference.

**And the Left is not happy about it. To the point where they write bitter peeking-through-the-window-of-the-toy-shop pieces on the subject.

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