Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D, MO) disavows any role in spitting smear.

[UPDATE] Weasel Zipper’s update (via Instapundit) is both accurate and succinct.

(via @allahpundit) You know: if I was a mindless drone who had been duckspeaking for the last week on the DNC-spawned narrative of racial slurs/spitting… well, I probably wouldn’t have the mother-wit to be offended at how clumsily this walkback by Cleaver was presented*:

[Video not loading here: try here until I find a copy that does]

So now Rep. Cleaver doesn’t people talking about it; and now he wants to act like he was never involved in this issue in the first place. Can’t say I’m surprised. Can’t say that I’m surprised that he doesn’t want to lay any blame at the feet of the DNC’s would-be race-hate demagogues, either…

Moe Lane

*On the other hand, the slightly less mindless drones who encouraged said duckspeaking in others probably should feel a little pique at the way that they wasted a week on something that will be disavowed by the Democratic party anyway. At least, one hopes that they will.

PS: I cannot say this too often: GET A CAMERA. Video recording equipment in the hands of the populace kept this story contained. GET A CAMERA. A video record will be an invaluable offensive and defensive tool for your activism. GET A CAMERA. This will be true for the rest of your activist career. GET A CAMERA.