*How* old is Jim Moran (D, VA-08), again?

…65, is it? Well, that’s a little early. Still, being in a condition where you have to have your aides physically intervene every time you get asked a perfectly reasonable question about government waste is a little, ah, problematical:

Hot Air has more; Jason Mattera, of course, is the new editor over at Human Events (and welcome, by the way).  He also seems to have a bit of a talent at finding Congressmen who don’t want to talk about the health care bill…

Moe Lane

PS: Both Matthew Berry and Patrick Murray are eager to help Jim Moran reach some sort of closure with both his anger issues, and his self-evident sense of resentment towards those fools that will not recognize Jim Moran’s genius.  I imagine that both would be equally eager to hear from you.

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