Meet Dana Walsh (R CAND, CA-08).

Well, here’s my Dana Walsh interview:

If my intro above the video sounds flat, it’s not because Dana is running in Nancy Pelosi’s district. Having a candidate willing to speak truth to power in Madame Speaker’s home district is actually good news for the party and for conservatism; we need to contest these seats, and sometimes everything lines up for a challenger. Dana’s a small business owner – the kind that will be steadily-more-squeezed by the health care monstrosity – and she’s not afraid to be a pro-War on Terror candidate in San Francisco. That’s worth respecting right there.

No, why the intro sounding flat is because it took me a day to get that audio into something that could charitably be said to maybe approach being in usable form. Because I don’t have the equipment, the skill set, or the paid support network to handle video and audio problems – so when something goes wrong, which it did here, I had to pound my head against the computer until maybe something kind of worked. To put it another way (and to paraphrase Harry Turtledove), I sometimes don’t feel like I’m expected to make bricks without straw; I’m expected to make bricks without clay.

The online wing of the VRWC does not need more think tanks, institutes, or even innovative social media network websites. It needs a bloody IT department. But that costs money, and is not sexy.

OK, rant over.

Moe Lane

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