Jim Treacher has the Jean Schmidt voicemail.

The call can be heard here (the language is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, although people getting tired of that one annoying loudmouth babbling about how he’s about to get murdered in his sleep by senior citizens upset about their health care might think differently); via Instapundit [Oops! Sorry, Glenn].

Moe Lane

PS: I’d just like to note for the record that I had forgotten about Jean Schmidt’s hit-and-run* until reminded; and that Rep. Schmidt has been a favorite target of the netroots since 2004 (as a woman who was pro-victory in Iraq, this is not really unexpected).  Apparently, at least one person out there remembers both; I suggest that Rep. Cleaver start earnestly praying that there aren’t more who only heard what he said, and not what he actually was seen to do.  Because what he did was recorded, by people who would be happy to release it as evidence.

So let’s all hope that doesn’t become an issue, hey?  Yes, even the DNC/DCCC: I don’t think that they want to get dragged into this any further than they have to, February fundraising deficit or no.

Moe Lane

*I understand that they never found the guy who did that, either.  Which is… interesting, no?

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