Hey, Brad Woodhouse! The NH Republican party can use Levasseur, yes?

Yeah, you: Brad Woodhouse of the DNC!  It’s cool if the state GOP raises some money on NH Democrat Nickolas Levasseur’s hate speech, right?

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(Via Riehl World View) I mean, I know that he hangs with the President and everything, but, hey: on spelling errors alone surely we’re entitled to raise some cash off of him.  Particularly since he’s an actual racist, and not one of the imaginary ones that you constructed to get monthly revenues back up after February.

Moe Lane

PS: You guys should really start thinking about how many Nikolaus Levasseurs are out there and habitually talking trash because nobody in the Democratic party (present company not excluded, Brad) has had the backbone to police its own side.   Or maybe you shouldn’t: we’d like as many seats as possible in November.

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