Three things to take away from this Amy Bishop article.


Gun in Ala. campus shooting bought 2 decades ago
By DESIREE HUNTER (AP) – 15 hours ago

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The gun used to kill three people during a faculty meeting at an Alabama school was bought for the suspect’s husband two decades ago when he said he was having problems with a neighbor, an investigator testified Thursday.

The investigator told a judge that an acquaintance bought the gun in New Hampshire for Amy Bishop’s husband to skirt a waiting period where the couple lived in Massachussetts.

In no particular order:

  1. There’s something going on with the husband.
  2. Bill Delahunt should not get off the hook for letting this one back out onto the streets, just because he’s cutting and running from Congress.
  3. If Amy Bishop had decided to cook off in MA instead of AL, the restrictive gun laws of the former wouldn’t have done a d*mned thing to make it harder for her to kill three people.

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