FL SEN Primary: DOOM.

Mr. Crist, can we talk?

It isn’t your night.  I’m sorry, but it isn’t.  Marco has a twenty-plus lead over you by now.  You won’t survive the primary.  You won’t win on a third-party run, either.  2010 is a GOP year; but it’s not your year.  I do not say this to wound you, but because it needs to be said.  Florida wants a fire-eater.  You are not.

So here’s my suggestion.  Announce that you are dropping out, for the good of the party, and so that you can do some ‘soul-searching.’  Spend the rest of your term as governor doing all the good things that good, conservative Republican Governors do.  Be Marco Rubio’s best buddy, with a happy smile and a wave.  Get him elected.  Then start up your Senate bid for 2012; you would be a better match against Bill Nelson anyway.  If you do this, you would start with the goodwill of the Florida Republican party – who don’t want to have a tumultuous primary – and the goodwill of the new junior Senator from Florida for your campaign.  These are not bad things to have.

Just… think about it, all right?

Moe Lane

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