Tom Garcia (R CAND, FL-24) on Democrats using FL-24 as a flail.

I think that it’s safe to say that Tom Garcia is unhappy about Suzanne Kosmas licking the hand that’s beating their district:

…Normally, I’d quibble about the ‘Marxist’ thing, mostly because the people staffing this administration aren’t smart enough to be Marxists (not a compliment: Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people*), but we’ll forgive the hyperbole this one time. After all, that fact that the President used FL-24’s space job situation as a flail with which to bring back safely into line a too-‘independent’ Congresswoman must stick in the man’s craw.

Anyway: donations here. Don’t get mad; get even.

Moe Lane

PS: Note that Garcia called Kosmas’ flip a day before it happened.

*How hard is it to farm? I mean, illiterate Copper-age Sumerians who plowed with sticks managed it!  And yet those people couldn’t manage to keep an agricultural system running to save their lives.  Often literally.

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