Reviewing the February 2010 Fundraising numbers.

Well, well, well. Short version? All three Republican national committees raised more than their Democratic counterparts for the first time in… well, a while.

A while.

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 7.69 9.46 0.00
DNC 7.42 10.74 3.72
NRSC 4.60 12.86 0.00
DSCC 4.00 14.30 0.42
NRCC 5.08 6.06 0.00
DCCC 4.35 19.82 0.67
GOP 17.37 28.38 0.00
Dem 15.77 44.86 4.81

It’s not all sunshine and roses, of course: the DCCC’s maintaining an almost 14 million dollar distance over the NRCC, at least for the moment. On the bright side, the current ratio of at-risk seats is 53 to 6. Interesting to see how that shakes out.

Moe Lane

PS: The usual drill:


If it hurts too much, try Reverse the Vote! Specifically targets 24 Congressional Democrats in Red districts, goes straight to the general election candidates, the national committees don’t see a dime.

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