Obamacare in the Age of Scrutiny.

Interesting what people can take from a picture. Case in point:

When Glenn put up a post using it, he focused on the brutal elegance of that sign message:”You vote for Obamacare, we vote for your opponent.”  Which, by the way: we will.  But what I took away from it was primarily the guy with the camera.

I’ve written this before, and now I’ll write it again: never go to a protest or political event without video recording equipment.  I usually recommend a Flip, but I discovered at CPAC that my Canon PowerShot SD1200IS is actually a perfectly suitable emergency video camera in its own right.  Or you can just use your cell phone.  Whatever it is, have something that you can use when circumstances warrant. Our opponents have not yet internalized the idea that every action and every word that they utter for the rest of their lives can be saved for posterity: be sure to take advantage of that.

And remember: if it wasn’t recorded, it didn’t happen.  That’s the drawback of having video recorders everywhere; it’s much harder to convince people that something occurred when there’s no footage available.

Moe Lane

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