Actually, *Davey*: make mine. Keep pushing this health care bill.

And this ain’t 2008.

Confident Axelrod challenges GOP: ‘Make my day’

One of the president’s top advisers confidently predicted Sunday that Congress will pass healthcare reform and dared Republicans to advocate repealing it during the 2010 elections.

We ran a Republican in Massachusetts on the explicit promise that he’d do everything in his power to spoke the wheels of your party’s disaster of a health care bill – and he won in a walk.  We’ve got states like New Jersey calling for junking the current mess and starting over.  And the ‘debate’ so far consists of a lot of people trumpeting their ‘no’ votes, almost nobody bragging about their ‘yes’ votes – and nobody brave enough to admit yet that they plan to go from ‘no’ to ‘yes.’  And you still want to dance?  OK, then: let’s dance.


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