Yes, because 'Pot-growing, Anti-Bush Troofer [AND REGISTERED DEMOCRAT]' = Right-winger.

[UPDATE]: And a registered Democrat, apparently (thanks, Aaron Gardner & slammer for the link).  Do we still want to play this game? – because it’s really odd: these days it’s like everybody except Republicans / conservatives are out there shooting at people, beating up protesters, or biting fingers off.  Are we missing out on all the ‘fun?”

I wasn’t going to bring up the politics of J. Patrick Bedell – mostly because, like Patterico, I figure that the guy was just nuts from the start, and not made that way by listening to Keith Olbermann* – but since the Christian Science Monitor wants to play ‘Spot the Right-wing Extremist!‘ I guess that we’re just going to have to point out that the following characteristics:

…do not precisely fit the narrative.  And by ‘do not precisely fit’ I mean ‘contradict.’  That first opinion alone is shared by how much of the Democratic party, again?

I swear to God, it’s like some of these people want there to be right-wing crazies attacking everything that moves.  Which is sick.

Moe Lane

*Glenn’s joking, of course.  I mean, seriously: nobody listens to Keith Olbermann.

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