These people are simply *insane*.

You know, I had a fairly elaborate rant planned out over this bizarre Leno/Palin applause faux-scandal Allahpundit found (no direct link: frankly, the original ‘revelation’ was porn – and boring, over-specialized porn at that) and was likewise gobsmacked over – but I realized that my last paragraph was all that you needed for a response.  So here it is:

So, how far into Crazyland has the netroots gone when it comes to Sarah Palin?  Let me put it this way: I now wait in breathless anticipation for the day that someone in the Online Left announces that they’re about to be given incontrovertible evidence that she’s secretly a Jew.

The 2008 election is over, people.  When can we expect to start seeing that the Other Side has, you know, moved on?

Moe Lane

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