So. Eric Massa is retiring. Eric. Massa.

You know Eric Massa: he’s the progressive Congressman from NY-29 who doesn’t know what ‘treason’ is. Remember this?

Yeah, they just ate that up with a spoon at the Netroots Nation thing.  And now Massa’s retiring, officially for health reasons; but amid… allegations.  Which is interesting; because the first, logical assumption that such allegations involved “show us on the doll where the Congressman touched you, son” may be a bit off of the mark.  It may be more along the lines of the Congressman attacking a subordinate’s sexual orientation in a manner reminiscent of anti-gay bigots, virulent homophobes, and/or the new Chair of the House Ways & Means committee.  At least, that’s how I’m reacting to his admission of ‘salty language‘…

But all of that pales before the real question: when is Massa giving back Rangel’s dirty money?  I won’t bother asking why he took it in the first place, as I already know the answer.  Besides, as of 3:30 PM EST the man’s irrelevant anyway.

Well.  More irrelevant.

Moe Lane

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