Reviewing the January 2010 fundraising numbers.

The combination of CPAC and a reduced feeling of urgency delayed this for a couple of days, but here are the numbers for January.  Short version: RNC over DNC, effective ties (as in, less than 10K/20K differences ) for the Congressional and Senatorial committees, and the Democrats retain their cash-on-hand advantage.

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 10.53 9.48 0.00
DNC 9.19 10.20 4.68
NRSC 5.01 10.65 0.00
DSCC 5.10 13.00 0.83
NRCC 4.50 4.13 0.00
DCCC 4.69 18.32 1.33
GOP 20.04 24.26 0.00
Dem 18.98 41.52 6.84

Not all that different from last month’s, although the DSCC & DNC are both probably grateful that revenues were enough to cover for the Scott Brown debacle.  The question remains how relevant all of this is: in the last month the ratio of House seats at-risk for the parties has gone from 40D-to-10R to 53D-to-6R.  The Democrats’ extra House money will come in handy as emergency funds; but I have to wonder how many emergencies they’re going to have by October.  Right now, it looks like… a lot.

Moe Lane

PS: I repeat myself:


If it hurts too much, try Reverse the Vote! Specifically targets 24 Congressional Democrats in Red districts, goes straight to the general election candidates, the national committees don’t see a dime.

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