First look: the Emperor's New Health Care Proposal.

Embargoed until 10 AM: now ask me if I care.


Haven’t read it fully yet, but skimming shows that it’s taken out Ben Nelson’s Nebraska payoff (at, I hear, the increasingly-panicky request of Ben Nelson himself); keeps insurance mandates; and if the public/government option or abortion funding restrictions are addressed, I’m missing it.

So, basically, useless.  Why is the GOP going to this, again?

[UPDATE]: OK.  As far as I can tell, the first skim was right: no Nebraska payoff, yes to insurance mandates (Hi, 18-30 demographic!), and nothing said about either public/government option, or federal restrictions on abortion funding.  In other words, this resolves nothing.  House Democrats still have to face the loss of a public option; and Senate Democrats still have to face the imposition of the Stupak amendment.