Sure, we can discuss Republican 'stimulus' hypocrisy...

…but first – as Greg Mankiw kind of points out – I’m going to need every Democrat out there yelling about ‘tax cuts for the wealthy’ to provide documentation showing their voluntary overpayment of taxes at a pre-cut level, plus of course their history of attacking for hypocrisy Democrats who did not voluntarily overpay.  Once we do that, we can get to us… no, wait: we still need to address why so many Democratic politicians get around this problem by NOT PAYING THEIR TAXES IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Silly me.

Still want to play, Democrats? – Because both my and Allahpundit’s response is pretty much going to be automatic, and unlike the Democrats’ phony ‘outrage’ it addresses a situation that the American people actually consider outrageous.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s not an ‘illogical’ attack, Greg.  It’s a ‘desperate’ one.

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