Illinois/FL-19 primary results.

[10:42 PM] So, at 83% in… Kirk gets the nod for the GOP SEN nomination, it looks like the Democrats didn’t manage to shut down Giannoulias, Gov Quinn is barely holding on, and Bill Brady is ahead in what looks a lot like a virtual three-way tie.

[8:46 PM]: OK, with 11% in it looks good for Kirk, Quinn and Giannoulias both appear to be edging this out (excellent news, from a Republican standpoint.  Particularly the latter), and it’s going to be a while before we know who gets the GOP nod for governor.

[UPDATE] To all major online cable news outlets: there is a primary in Illinois tonight.  The results are going to be of significant interest to both Republicans and Democrats. So please start covering the primary.

Thank you.

The former has polls close at 8 PM, the latter has already closed.  Looking for links now.

Florida’s official site here.

Chicago Sun-Times’ results here.