How unpopular is the Democrats' federal health care rationing bill?

This unpopular:

RICHMOND, Va. — With five Democrats defecting, the Virginia Senate today passed a Republican measure that says Virginians don’t have to buy health insurance.

Voting 23-17, the Democratic-controlled Senate kicked to the House a bill by Sen. Frederick Quayle, R-Suffolk, that supporters say will send a message to Washington about its efforts to overhaul the health-care system.

(Via AoSHQ Headlines) The bill should pass the GOP-controlled House of Delegates with no trouble, and likewise be signed into law by the Republican Governor, and will probably be used as ammo for a lawsuit by the Commonwealth’s Republican Attorney General, should he need it…

– Hey, remember when Virginia was inevitably going to be going Blue for unto the next six generations?

…so it’s interesting that five vulnerable state Senators broke ranks on this bill to vote with the Republicans.  It’s also interesting to consider the implications that this bill – whether substanstive or cosmetic – has for, say, Democrats in the US Congress.  Like Gerald ConnollyHi, Jerry!  Quick: what do you think of this legislation?

More importantly, what does your district think of this legislation?

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