Mark Pryor tosses more dirt on health care rationing's grave.

The Hill article is surprisingly garbled – I assume that they’ll clean it up this morning – but the original article (“Pryor: Health care reform may not happen this year“) is a lot clearer.  The short version is that they’re back at the ‘discussion phase’ for a health care rationing bill, which is legislature-speak for “we’re going to drop the subject, and hope that you will, too.”  Every day that it doesn’t get done is a day closer to the day that it won’t get done, and if it’s not done this year, it definitely won’t get done.  At least, by Democrats.

And as for reconciliation…

Some have suggested the Senate could use the reconciliation process, which would require 51 votes instead of 60, to pass a bill satisfactory to both chambers.Several moderate Democrats, including Arkansas’ Blanche Lincoln, have said they oppose that idea. Lincoln said Tuesday the process should be transparent and should not involve “last-minute efforts to force changes.”

Pryor told reporters today he was not necessarily opposed to the idea, but it was not his first choice and he doubted it would happen.

“I think it’s people talking right now over on the House side trying to figure out a way forward on health care, but my sense is, in the end reconciliation will not even be attempted,” he said.

Because somebody had to say it, it seems. Pryor’s not up for re-election until 2014, so he can safely shrug off the idea of reconciliation… and, honestly?  By now that actually-strictly-defined-procedure has become the equivalent of “and then a miracle happens*” for a certain segment of the Left.   At some point somebody needs to explain to them why it’s not a cure-all.

Or why the current ruling party has a sudden disinclination to encourage simple-majority legislating in the Senate.

Moe Lane

*Or, possibly, “And then the NPC casts Wish.”

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