So, Mrs. Senator Brown was some kind of bikini-clad ninja assassin...

…at least, based on this otherwise utterly forgettable video from 1984, by a band called Digney Fignus*:

(Via Little Miss Attila & the Daily Caller)

And this was apparently something that the Huffington Post wanted to promote on their site. Judging from my immediate reactions:

  • I am happy not to be living in the alternate universe where Digney Fignus became superstar rockers;
  • I feel obligated, once again, to apologize for the music industry’s fashion choices of the mid-to-late 1980s (what can I say?  Cocaine was apparently being handed out as party favors back then);
  • I wish that progressives would stop being so ugly and tangled up inside over sex;

…I’m not exactly sure what their point is.  OK, that’s a lie: I know what their point is.  I’m just mildly annoyed that they thought that this attack was actually going to work.

Moe Lane

*A band sufficiently obscure as to lack a presence on Amazon.

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