Gooooooood MORNING, Massachusetts Members of Congress!

[UPDATE: Jove nods: I switched out Frank and Caputo.  My bad, and thanks to reader jack for pointing it out.  The basic point remains.]

Hi, John Olver!
Hi, Richard Neal!
Hi, Jim McGovern!
Yeah, hi, Barney Frank. [UPDATE: Excuse me, that’s Barney Frank]
Hi, Niki Tsongas!
Hi, John F. Tierney!
Hi, Ed Markey!
Hi, Michael Capuano! [Michael Capuano.]
Hi, Stephen Lynch!
Hi, William Delahunt!

…Why the colors?  Because of this map, of course:

…Members of Congress who have towns whose voters went for Scott Brown are in red; Barney Frank (who is blessed with a Boston district) is in blue.  They’re all Democrats, so no need to distinguish there.  Interesting, huh?  And it makes me want to ask a couple of questions:

  1. How do the people on that list really feel about the current health care bill in the Senate?  More importantly, how do they think that their constituents feel about it?
  2. Do they really think that it’s appropriate for Senators Schumer (D-NY) and Kerry (D-MA) to use crude sexual imagery when referring to their constituents?  Particularly the ones that are really, really motivated to vote?

I think that these are questions that really should be answered.  Soon.

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