NRSC dropped money into Brown race... *quietly.*

I approve.

Working quietly and under the radar, the National Republican Senatorial Committee shifted $500,000 to the Massachusetts GOP in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s dramatic election, according to Republican sources.

The NRSC transfer, made in several dispersals beginning Jan. 7, was used for phone and mail get-out-the-vote operations targeted at independent voters, said Rob Jesmer, the NRSC’s executive director.

NRSC officials kept quiet about the money transfers, despite public taunts from their Senate Democratic counterparts that the GOP leadership was declining to put money behind Brown’s candidacy.

…and do you know why I approve? I approve because the Coakley race has become a giant hole in the ground in which the Democrats have been pouring money for the last few weeks; and if the DSCC had realized that they were spending five times as much as the NRSC had they probably wouldn’t have spent it. Fear of the unknown is the most potent kind of fear, folks; and this was a large unknown space on the map for Democrats. I’ll happily endorse the NRSC spending half a million to help win one of the seats that the DSCC spent 2.5 million defending: how about you?

Now, if we can only convince them to stop getting involved in primary races…

Moe Lane

PS: Positive feedback works to correct behavior, too. Just saying.