Daily Caller looks at Brandon Darby.

Interesting article here from the Daily Caller on Brandon Darby, who people might remember as being the former fringe-left activist who helped the FBI shut down a domestic terrorist cell planning to murder people at the Republican national convention. For this act of elementary patriotism and decency he has, of course, been vilified (the woman mentioned in passing as being arrested for making death threats was later acquitted). A few thoughts:

  • Speaking as somebody who was actually at the 2008 convention, I appreciate not having been burned to death.
  • I don’t actually expect the fringe Left to be sorry that they put themselves in a place where my being burned to death seemed like a good idea, but it would be nice if they didn’t feel safe to be so flipping wistful about the missed opportunity.
  • ‘The Texas Two.” Ye gods: this entire City Integer way of looking at organizers of violent political protests is subtly corrosive to the Left’s soul in general, and the Democratic party’s in particular. In other words, I’d like people to stop treating the Chicago Seven as being somehow worthy of emulation*.

What a world that any of this has to be written out, no?

Moe Lane

*What? Yes, yes, I’d always like a pony, too.

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