How the worm has turned in Virginia.

Just a random thought: in the process of apparently losing a state Senate special election in Virginia, Democratic candidate Dave Marsden (who is apparently doing his level best to appear ‘bipartisan’) put this letter to the editor up as part of his attempt to win.  Please note this sentence:

Virginia benefits most from the reasonable expression of many viewpoints, but we are in danger of becoming a one-party state.

Oh.  Oh, how quickly the tide rolls back out, too…

Moe Lane

PS: Speaking of which: Senator WebbJames.  I know that there have been harsh words written about you.  I know that I have personally (and regretfully) written harsh words about you.  Unfortunate things are often said and written in the tension of close election campaigns.  But you will have another one of those in two years – and trends in Virginia are going against your adopted (and ill-fitting, really) party.  The target of your revenge has gone on to a dignified retirement.  The issue that triggered your defection has passed.

So have you really thought about where you see yourself being in 2013?

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