Gov. Bill Ritter (D-CO) abruptly withdrawing from re-election race?

Two questions: is it true? – and if it’s true, does it have anything to do with this?

Governor Ritter was embroiled in a separate controversy this year when he nominated his scandal-plagued chief of staff, who he is rumored to be having an extramarital affair with, to be the state’s top federal prosecutor. Stephanie Villafuerte abruptly withdrew her nomination to be Colorado’s next U.S. Attorney when the media exposed her role in illegally accessing a restricted database involving an illegal immigrant drug dealer who sexually assaulted a child after Ritter, then Denver District Attorney, gave him a probation deal.

No, that’s a completely different guy than Senator Max Baucus (D MT), who also tried to give his adulterous lover a job as a US Attorney. Apparently it’s becoming quite the fad among Democratic legislators these days.

Moe Lane

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