Hey, Pete Stark's (D) under an ethics investigation!

You know Pete: he’s that crazy Democrat who goes around threatening to throw journalists out the window when he doesn’t like the questions.  He’s also that crazy Democrat who’ll take over for Charlie Rangel at Ways & Means if Rangel ever has to answer for his ethics violations, which is probably not the least reason why the Democrats haven’t thrown Rangel out of a metaphorical window of his own.  Anyway, Pete’s getting investigated:  the Washington Times is guessing tax evasion, real estate where-does-he-actually-live edition.

Yes.  You’re all shocked that a Democratic politician wasn’t paying his taxes.

This got reported back in March, mind you.  And they’re getting around to checking it out now.  But no doubt the federal government will be much quicker about having that suspicious dark spot in your next X-ray properly assessed.

Moe Lane

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