Christian activist detained in North Korea?

Very possibly.

North Korean authorities have said they have arrested a US man who crossed into their territory.

The North’s official KCNA news agency said the man had entered the country from China on 24 December. There is no official word on the man’s identity.

However there have been reports that Robert Park, a US Christian activist, recently crossed into North Korea.

See also VoA News, whose reporter Kurt Achin makes no real attempt to hide the fact that he considers deliberately walking into North Korea in order to spread the Gospel to be the act of a madman.  Which it may or may not be; but it’s certainly not the act of a coward.  Particularly when he’s also telling the North Korean regime to shut down the concentration camps that you, I, and Kurt Achin all know exist there – even if Achin’s hiding behind a convenient ‘they say.’

Moe Lane

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