Vacation all he ever wanted? (Or, educating POTUS.)

Via JammieWearingFool, via Instapundit) Not to be unkind or anything – no, really, I’m trying not to be – but I have to ask:

Increasingly unloved and ridiculed from both sides, a new and embittered President Obama is emerging this Christmas season as he begins a badly needed vacation in Hawaii.

Why ‘badly needed?’ What, exactly, has the President done this year, besides calmly watch legislators from his party drain the treasury?

Moving along, while I recognize that the President’s in need of a serious attitude adjustment I don’t see any way of getting him to have one until the Democrats get smacked around a bit more.  Losing thirty House seats might do it: flipping the House may do it.  Flipping the House and getting more than five seats in the Senate back will almost certainly do it, particularly if there’s a discreet amount of payback afterward.  Admittedly, it would have been better for the country’s sake if the President’s party had cared enough about Obama’s personal development to teach him some limits as a state legislator, but the past is the past.  What’s important now is making sure that, going forward, he learns proper life lessons.

After all, we’re stuck with him for the time being.

Moe Lane

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