Barack Obama: GOP PLANT?

The heck of it is, how can you tell an agent provocateur assigned to the task of driving a political party into the wall from a sincere party man doing it all on his own? Better aim?

A taste:

Upon taking office President Obama had to further enrage the Republican base, so he quickly and publicly rescinded some of the effective policies of George W. Bush by executive order. And then the fun began.

He campaigned as a Democrat who would work with Republicans, but named ultra-partisan Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. In a move that could have been considered parody, he named Timothy Geithner to be his Secretary of the Treasury. A man who would be in charge of collecting all of our taxes while not paying his own. The media later questioned why Geithner wasn’t properly vetted.

He was.

Barack Obama later named former Senator Tom Daschle to be his head of Health and Human Services. It was later revealed Daschle had tax problems of his own. The media later questioned why Daschle wasn’t properly vetted.

He was.

Barack Obama named environmental activist Van Jones to be one of his many czars. When video and audio surfaced of Jones making questionable statements (including calling Republicans “assh[*]es”), the media later questioned why Jones wasn’t properly vetted.

He was.

OK, neither Bob Parks nor I believe that the President is actually a Republican plant, if for no other reason than that it’d be impossible to keep a secret like that for any length of time (something that conspiracy theories tend to ignore*). What’s actually happening is that we just elected a Fortunate Son who had been in the comforting web of privilege since grammar school, had no real relevant life experiences, had precisely zero executive experience, had precisely the wrong sort of legislative experience, and who was far too accustomed to having people tell him that he was totally awesome. Oh, and who was ‘cool’ – which is apparently a synonym for ‘passive,’ these days. But that’s kind of depressing, so let’s just pretend instead that this is part of an insidious GOP plot. It’s kinder.


Moe Lane

*Including that one**.

**No, that one, too***.

***What? Of course that one: that was one of the ones that I was thinking of in the first place, in fact.

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