Reviewing the November Fundraising Numbers.

It’s that time again. Short version: the RNC & NRSC beat out their Democratic counterparts – which is odd, considering that they’re the groups giving the Republican base the most aggravation; the NRCC pulled in less than the DCCC; the Democrats have a pretty good COH advantage (although the RNC spent a bunch of money in November); and the Democrats apparently aren’t planning to retire their debt.

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 6.38 8.75 0.00
DNC 5.94 13.19 4.93
NRSC 3.30 7.30 0.00
DSCC 3.00 11.30 1.70
NRCC 2.34 4.35 2.00
DCCC 3.65 15.35 2.67
GOP 12.02 20.40 2.00
Dem 12.59 39.84 9.30

Not much to say to any of that, except that obviously Democrats are going to be happier about the cash on hand advantage, while Republicans are going to be happier that this month was at rough parity, despite lopsided Democratic majorities. I’ll also repeat what I wrote last month:


If it hurts too much, try Reverse the Vote! Specifically targets 24 Congressional Democrats in Red districts, goes straight to the general election candidates, the national committees don’t see a dime.

Because life ain’t fair.

Moe Lane

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