2010 Dem Retirement Watch: Who's your favorite?

And by ‘favorite’ I mean either ‘one you’d like to see gone’ or ‘one who is on the cusp.’  Watching either type try to decide whether they can hold out another two years for a Presidential election – and whether there’s any point to it, given the way that this President’s approval ratings keep shrinking – should provide us all with many hours of innocent amusement for the next few months.  Or not-so-innocent amusement.

My current candidate for the next round of spend-more-time-with-my-family?  Alan Mollohan, WV-01.  As Brian notes, Mollohan is a corrupt suckweasel who may get indicted soon; as Don notes, Mollohan is having fundraising troubles; and as Jim notes, people are lining up to get a stab at the privilege of challenging Mollohan for his seat. WV-01 is R+9; Cook lists it as competitive (“Likely Democratic“).  And (again) like Brian, I suspect that the DCCC’s going to want to spend its money elsewhere next year.

Interesting times for the Democrats.

Moe Lane

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