CO-GOV: Bill Ritter (D) at 40%.

It’s a bad time to be an incumbent Democrat:

Like many Democrats nationwide these days, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter who was easily elected in 2006 finds himself trailing his chief Republican opponent in a potential 2010 match-up.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state shows former GOP Congressman Scott McInnis ahead of Ritter 48% to 40%. Four percent (4%) like some other candidate, and seven percent (7%) are undecided.

This is down from McInnis/Ritter 44/39 in September, and can’t really be blamed on the health care rationing bill, although it’s entirely possible that the Democrats’ recent decision to shut down the coal industry is a factor here.  What makes this fascinating to watch is that Bill Ritter was a 2006 Golden Child; even in 2008 he was popular.  Right now Colorado Democrats should be giving serious consideration to trying to replace him in the primary.

Won’t happen, of course.

Moe Lane

PS: Scott McInnis’ website is here.

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