Secret Service: Actually, no elevated threat level against POTUS.

Via The Weekly Standard and HolyCoast.com comes excellent news:

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan, testifying today about the state dinner security breach, refuted stories that President Obama has received more threats than previous presidents.

“The threats are not up,” Sullivan said, adding that they receive about the same amount of threats against Obama as they did for presidents Clinton and Bush.

Except of course for those people on the Left who can’t function without a belief in the utter villainy in their political enemies. In that case, the news that the current President is nothing special when it comes to being threatened is probably depressing the living life out of those folks. Check out the TPM link above for some examples, in fact: they’re busy telling themselves stories about how the President really is more at risk, really, uh-huh, no fooling…

Moe Lane

PS: Of course I’m being contemptuous towards people who need the Right to be devils. Why aren’t you just as contemptuous? It’s one of the more annoying fetishes out there.

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